The Team at Malpas Landscapes


I founded Malpas landscapes in 1994 after following my dream of having a landscaping company.

Since a child, I have been fascinated by gardens: How no two are the same, how they reflect personality and character of the homeowner and how they provide a haven of calm, a place to entertain and enjoy with guests. Under that ethos, we do our utmost to design to needs and individuality. It is important in current times when everyone is so busy that a garden does not become a source of stress, so ease of maintenance is incredibly important to most, but also be full of life and textures.

We always try to design with natural materials as much as possible, so the garden is a sum of its own components and nothing looks out of place. We also incorporate modern styles with contemporary materials. We like to give our designs a night element too, with the flick of a switch.

It has been 26 years since I began trading and have enjoyed every challenge, every opportunity to test skills and move forward.

I am joined now by my two sons Calvin and Rhys, whom I’m delighted to say share my passion for the industry and have become highly skilled installers. Calvin is in his 10th year and Rhys his 4th. What a joy it is to work alongside my two my sons delighting your families with our labours.

Thank you to all those past customers who have contributed towards our goal, by choosing us to undertake their wishes and continue to recommend us to friends and family.

Gareth Leek